The opportunity

The SBA will be much more than just a physical space. It will create and foster a collaborative culture and deliver new, differentiated services that will continue to evolve and remain at the forefront of research infrastructure, services and talent.

The SBA’s work will place Sydney at the forefront of global biomedical research, enabling it to attract international talent and fast track research commercialisation. 

Building on a solid partnership, and leveraging and enhancing the Tech Central Precinct, the SBA will drive innovation and contribute to transformative health outcomes by:

  • Being a magnet for research talent
  • Accelerating development of biomedical science
  • Increasing the density of researchers and quickening the pace of research
  • Supporting efficient and effective commercialisation of outcomes
  • Supporting participants with projects, facilities, or services would otherwise be unable to procure, or unable to procure as efficiently or effectively.

The SBA has the potential to provide co-location opportunities, access to shared lab spaces and contemporary biomedical equipment, deeply collaborative research opportunities as well as support for commercialisation. Understanding that the needs of each potential industry partner are unique, the SBA is keen to engage with industry and develop bespoke opportunities and services.

Become an industry partner

At present, the SBA is seeking expressions of interest from potential industry partners.

Interested parties should complete the form below and our team will reach out with further information.